Debate tonight!

October 15, 2008

What else is there to write about the debate that hasn’t already been said or written… well here are some bullets of interesting facts I’ve come across regarding tonight’s debate:

  • Hofstra installed mufflers on the AC units in the arena as the debate commission deemed them to be too loud
  • A new bathroom was added so both candidates would have easy access to their own private bathroom
  • AC vents were installed directly above where the candidates will sit
  • Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz rang the opening bell for NASDAQ on 10/14
  • According to Rabinowitz, Hofstra will actively pursue landing a Presidential debate again in 2012

Debate preparation in full swing

October 2, 2008

The third and final Presidential Debate will be held at Hofstra on October 15.  Hofstra is currently transforming the arena into a more intimate setting. It will be interesting to see the final product on the 15th.

As someone who has attended many events in the 5,000+ seat arena, I’m sure it will be completely unrecognizable from the inside configured with only approximately 1,000 seats for the debate.

Check out the progress:   Photos Video

Football Update

September 30, 2008

Catching up on some past results!

9/13 – LOSS to Albany, 22-16 in OT – Albany has been making good strides with their program, but I feel Hofstra lost this one more than Albany won it.

9/20 – WIN over Rhode Island, 23-20 – Nice to put up a W for homecoming.

9/26 – WIN over Stony Brook, 43-3.  Like old times, helps erase the sting of the Albany loss a bit.

Hofstra football – game #2 vs. Albany

September 12, 2008

Home opener against Albany is this Saturday evening.  In their season opener, Albany lost to UMass in a relatively close game and Hofstra was blown out by UConn – not sure what you can extrapolate from those results, obviously very different opponents, but I am expecting a relatively close game.  

Hofstra QB Bryan Savage is out for the year with a back injury – he was mysteriously scratched just prior to kick-off against UConn.  Taking his place will be Cory Christopher, who should have a better performance against Albany.

Edwards cancelled Hofstra visit

September 11, 2008

John Edwards, who seemed ready to make his first public appearance since admitting his affair at Hofstra this week, decided to cancel and lay low until after the election.  Although it would have been some more publicity for Hofstra, good move on his part to avoid making his story another distraction during this important time.

Edwards keeping speaking engagement at Hofstra

September 1, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards has backed out of the appearance, but John Edwards will still speak at Hofstra this week – it will be his first public lecture since ‘his news’ came out . The speech has been scheduled for some time, and is part of the ‘Debate ’08’ events Hofstra has put together leading up to the third, and final presidential debate.  

Hofstra can put this one under the category of “we’re going to get a lot more publicity for this than originally anticipated.”

Hofstra falls to UConn 35-3

August 31, 2008

The final score of this one was not surprising. Although minus some careless errors and lots of penalties, this one could have been a lot more respectable.  It was great to see Hofstra play in a “real” football environment.

Other thoughts:
-Hofstra has updated their helmets for the season – replacing the lions logo with a large H. Looks much better!